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Natasha Barnes was born July 7, 1969, in Payrs, South Africa. She has been painting since the age of seven. Her natural talent and passion for painting has led this self taught artist to develop a profound style, exhibiting expressionism, color, and movement. Her paintings are inspirations found in her travels and the love for the rich landscapes surrounding her life.

Apart from a few lessons as a child, Natasha has had no formal training. After completing school, she studied Cordon Blue cookery and worked as a cookery editor and food stylist for a leading South African Magazine, before opening her own cookery school. Equally talented as a chef, she is a master at designing wedding cakes, sugar craft, and floral arrangements. During her cookery years, Natasha painted part time, and exhibited extensively in South Africa. Her love for the brush finally led to the decision to give up everything and paint full time.


Although born in New Jersey, Bullers has also lived in Pennsylvania, Colorado, Montana and now in North Carolina. The artist says, " I have always had a strong interest in art ever since I was a child. My father was the one who first encouraged me. I remember he bought me all kinds of art materials when I was little, including the most marvelous set of crayons with colors such as gold, silver and copper, before anyone else had such a thing."

Bullers pursued her interest in art all through school, taking every art class that was offered. As an adult, she continued to paint and to take courses and workshops - studying with Irving Shapiro, Carlton Plummer, Rick McClure, Barclay Sheaks, Skip Lawrence, and others. When living in Denver, she taught primary and middle school drawing and painting workshops for the Cherry Creek School System.

After working in oils for many years, she discovered watercolors - enjoying their freedom and spontaneity. Bullers currently uses mostly acrylics.

When painting, the artist looks for interesting patterns in the subject, always aware of the play of light against dark. Almost anything can provide stimulating subject matters for her, although currently she is concentrating on landscapes and figures. Bullers says " I am very influenced by the people and events in my life and frequently choose family members as subjects. My love for music and dance is also likely to find its way into my work. Currently I am also involved in plein air painting which is a quick, spontaneous way to paint, capturing the light of the moment."


A native of Asheboro, North Carolina, Charles Burkhead, is known for his clay sculpture, watercolors and abstract acrylic paintings.  His small-scale sculpture represents the human form in a variety of different relaxed positions, much like a "sketch in clay", says Burkhead.

He began his art career experimenting with pencil and pen-and-ink line drawings.  He has recently ventured into miniature watercolor paintings, shown in galleries from the North Carolina coast to the mountains.

Burkhead received an undergraduate degree from North Carolina State Univeristy,School of Design and a Masters Degree from the School of Design at Harvard University. He currently resides in Raleigh, NC.


Brent Cole never expected the field of glassblowing to take him from a small town in Ohio to classrooms and studios around the nation.  Once the rising artist discovered the process, he became absorbed by the possibilities, always looking for new ways to stretch the boundaries of the molten material to suit his unique design sensibilities.

Brent continues to gain popular and critical recognition for his most current body of work, which takes advantage of the Graal technique and combines his passions for form and design.  Much of his design inspiration stems from the flowing landscape that surrounds his Western North Carolina studio.  "It would be next to impossible not to be moved by the majectic mountains, native trees,wildflowers and peaceful rivers and streams that comprise this region.  It is exciting to be able to incorporate the lush scenery into my work."

It is also exciting for Brent to be one of the fist glassblowers to take advantage of the methane powered studios of the EnergyXchange.  "One of the things that drew me to this residency program was the business education component being by Mayland Community College .  While my work has continued to progress, I was missing the business component which is integral if I am to become a successful entrepreneur in the field of studio glass.  I have no doubts that this education will help me achieve my artistic and financial goals."

While Brent creates high end, one-of-a-kind glass sculptures, he also offers a wide range of functional mid-range items from unique pitcher sets to beautifully fashioned vases and vessels.


MJ is a native of Wilmington, North Carolina. After raising her two children, she is fulfilling her life-long dream of being able to devote most of her time to photography and painting.

A self-taught artist, she photographs and paints what she loves best; flowers and seascapes, which capture all of God's beauty. She exhibits her work in and around the Wilmington area.


FASHION, GLAMOUR can't compete with NATURE! Hip and swinging with the latest trends, New York City in the 60's and 70's was a perfect place for fashion illustrator Susan Dade.

But there were no trees. Or marshes. Or boats sailing on a deep blue waterway.

While perfect for fashion, it lacked natural beauty...something that pulled Susan from the busy city to North Carolina a few years ago. Now, instead of sketching models, she paints landscapes, waterfronts and other natural beauties. Her paintings are free yet detailed. One called Coastal Setting shows dozens of boats docked at the Old Yacht Basin. Behind them are the historic buildings that make up the waterfront skyline. Upon graduating from the prestigious Parsons School of Design she was hired as a fashion illustrator for Woman's Wear Daily, the fashion industry bible consulted by designers, manufacturers and store buyers looking for the latest trends. Susan was on staff there until the late 60's when she was hired by GLAMOUR magazine to illustrate and design ads, posters and brochures all connected with the major advertisers in Glamour. Her charcoal and pen-and-ink drawings were printed and seen there through 1979. Her ready-to-wear lifestyle slowed down a bit when she left to raise a family and started teaching part time at a number of fashion schools including the Fashion Institute of Technology. After 15 years of teaching, moving to a warmer climate was looking better and better. The family visited Caswell Beach on vacation and fell in love with the area. In 1994 they moved to St. James Plantation.She doesn't miss the fashion sketches that jump started her career, but instead keeps busy painting the coast! Her work is shown at Ricky Evans Gallery and Franklin Square Gallery, both in Southport North Carolina, among other galleries.


Peter is originally from East Aurora, located in upstate New York .  He studied Graphic Design and Painting at the Rochester Institute of Technology, where he received his Bachelor of Fine Art  Degree in 1972.  

He continued his formal education of the State University of New York at Buffalo, and received his Master's Degree in 1974.  During this time, he spent three months studying photography and art in Western Europe, followed by another three months studying Asian Art at Gujarat University in Ahmedabad, India.

Peter currently is working on photographing the Lower Cape Fear Region of Southeastern North Carolina. 


Chris has been in the Wilmington, North Carolina area for the last twelve years. She has a background in Advertising and Marketing and worked for a number of advertising agencies in the New York, New Jersey area.

She comes from a line of artists. Her five sisters are all involved in some form of art; performance art, canvas art and illustration. Chris worked with a number of well known artists in the Northeast and since she has been in Wilmington has worked and studied with numerous Carolina artists.

Chris works in all media, most recently tackling oil painting. Her works are often instinctive and full of color. She has been accepted in a number of juried shows throughout the state, where she has won awards consistantly.


A North Carolina native, Jane Faudree has been exhibiting her work for many years. Her paintings hang in private collections  and corporate offices throughout the states. Traveling abroad and extensively in the United States has given her the chance to record the beauty of the landscape in many locales. Her work has been displayed in juried exhibitions both locally and nationally, often winning awards for her striking oil and vivid pastel paintings.   

Faudree studied music at E.C.U.,Greenville, N.C., and Shelton College, Cape May, N.J.  Later her love for the visual arts led her to study with Luana Luconi Winner for a number of years. She has since studied with other master artists, such as Camille Przewodek, Rick McClure and Richard McDaniel.  Much recent work is done outside, rather than in studio. 


Born in New York City, and studied privately in all media available at the time with Bruce Christian Brunner, Artist in Residence at N.Y. Museum of Natural History.

After college at Duke University, marriage, and raising five children, she and her husband moved to North Carolina where she recaptured her artistic talent, meanwhile spending summers in their family home in Maine.

                                                                                                                                                                                Her studies have continued under these well-known artists....Mary Ellen Golden,Brooks Pierce, Alex Powers, Joe Miller, Bob LeRoy, T.M. Nicholas, Ortrud Typer, Victor Gerloven, Rick McLure and Luana Luconi Winner.

She has shown her work for many years in Maine and North Carolina and has won placement and awards in museums, juried art exhibits, and private collections across the country. Her studio is decorated with many blue ribbons! Her medium is oil, both plein-air, landscapes and portraiture. She is a showing member of The Wilmington Gallery at Chandler's Wharf, and at Artworks Fine Art Gallery in Wilmington, NC.

The Artist's Statement " I love color, and I feel most people have not enough of it in their lives. I paint with vivid, exciting colors, to liven up what may be an ordinary life, but transforming it.


Laurie Hall is a potter who grew up in a family of artists.  Whe was born in NYC and was raised in NYC, Woodstock, NY and in Maine.  Her father is a photographer, her sister, a jeweler, and her mother was a printmaker/etcher.  The rich textural surface of her prints serve as an inspiration to the surfaces that Laurie uses in her clay work.  The natural world of forests and seascapes, with the seeming chaos of color, form and texture, is the basis of much of her work.  "I have found that as a human, we can only begin to imitate what Mother Nature does without effort".  Laurie uses the natural clay bodies, stains, oxides and glazes to enhance the forms and textures on her work. She also works with Raku firing, which offers a wonderfully spontaneous and often vivid finish to her pieces.

Laurie has studied with Dinah Wilde-Ramsey and continues to study with Hiroshi Sueyoshi and Don Johns. Clay,as a medium, offers her endless challenges to learn and grow as an artist because of the boundless possiblilities of the material and different firing techniques.


Artist Ed Harris says of his work, "when I first read Wordsworth's " the child is father of the man", I did not realize how accurate that statement is, but childhood memories of growing up on a farm in Halifax County in eastern North Carolina are a great part of what I paint today. Baskets of corn in corncribs, mule collars and plowshares have become the subjects of my paintings. Flowers in fields and wood, and the flowers my mother and grandmother grew are also subjects for my work. Today, when I see cosmos, morning glories, and zinnias, I recall the profusion of colorful cosmost behind our smokehouse, the morning glories roping through cornfields, and crab grass in my grandmother's zinnias in late fall. These images are vivid and very special. By capturing the colors and intricate designs of flowers and leaves, and the patterns the vicissitude of time creates in nature, I hope that when people see my work, they will see something in nature they had not noticed previously.

Harris has a BA in English from Atlantic Christian College ( now Barton College ) in Wilson, N.C. He began his career as an English teacher in public schools, and later taught art at the middle and high school levels. He furthered his education with a major in Art Education and a master's degree in English Education from the University of N.C. at Pembroke. After having taught for 33 years, he retired in 1999, and has since been teaching English part-time at a community college.

Harris's two artistic loves are poetry and painting. The pottery is now mostly a pasttime for demonstrations at festivals and historic reenactments. His early paintings are all oils and of a different tone from his current works. In the early 1980's, Harris switched from the heavier oils to watercolors because he says, " I realized that with watercolor, I achieve a clarity that I did not achieve with oil." His florals and still life paintings are almost photographic in their realism and detail.

Ed Harris has exhibited with: Island Gallery in Manteo, N.C., Gold's Art and Frame Shop in Lumberton, N.C., Hampton House Gallery in Winston Salem, N.C., Goldsboro Art Center in Goldsboro, N.C., Turn of the Century Shop in New Bern, N.C. and Artworks Fine Art Gallery in Wilmington, N.C.


Gail Henderson began her hands-on art activity in 1999 after a career in teaching, education policy making, and school administration. Her professional education (B.A. in Education, The Ohio State University; M.S. in Human Development, Michigan State University; and Ph.D. in Educational Research, The Ohio State University) contained virtually no course work related to the art world. She maintains that her "artistic juices" were kept smoldering as an avid spectator via museums and art shows through out the US and in Europe.

Becoming acquainted with the use of acrylic paints in 1999, she has taken workshops on a national level with Stephen Quiller, Louise Cadillac, Brenda Bellfield, and Barclay Sheaks. Locally, she has taken lessons with Betty Brown, Gladys Farris, and Nancy Handlan. Never failing to enjoy the thrill of putting paint or canvas, Gail plans to continue the learning process and expand her skill and self discovery with each painting.

Her work has been in numerous juried exhibitions with the Wilmington (NC) Art Association, the Watercolor Society of North Carolina ( Raleigh ), the Women's Center ( Chapel Hill ), Coastal Plains Exhibit ( Wilson, NC ), South Cobb Arts Alliance ( Atlanta ), and the Office of Cultural Affairs at the Northwest New Mexico Arts Council. She had a solo exhibit, Abstract Journey, at Warwick Center Gallery, UNCW; a solo exhibit, Seeing the Unexpected, at the WHQR Gallery ( Wilmington ); and she was the solo painter in a three-woman exhibit, Thrice, at the Boykin Gallery, Wilson, NC. She is represented by The Artists' Gallery (TAG) at Lumina Station and Artworks Fine Art Gallery and Custom Framing, both in Wilmington, NC.


Although Cathy paints a wide variety of subjects, she prefers wildlife, and nature scenes. Whether drawing with graphite or painting with oils, her use of fine detail brings her subjects to life. She views each new painting as an adventure, and working from nature instills in her the need to preserve as art the wonderful life we see around us. Cathy can often be found with her camera gathering valuable information that is the inspiration for her paintings. She is also belssed with friends who willingly share their photos with her.

Cathy is an active member of the Wilmington(N.C.) Art Association, the Associated Artists of Southport, the Oak Island Art Guild, the Visual Artists of Columbus County, the East Carolina Wildfowl Guild, and the Cape Fear Woodcarvers Club. She has won numerous awards and prizes and her paintings hang in private and corporate collections. Her artwork can be seen at Artworks Fine Art Gallery in Wilmington, NC, Franklin Square Gallery in Southport, NC, Ricky Evans Gallery in Southport, NC, The Wilmington Gallery in Downtown Wilmington, NC, Sunset River Marketplace Gallery in Calabash, NC, FastFrame in Landfall Center in Wilmington, NC, and by appointment at JJ's Art & Crafts Gallery in Bolivia NC. 


Holly Brewster Jones launched her art career in 1975. Between the years of 1976 and 1977, she accumulated 20 awards in various regional shows. By 1980, she had 100 awards to her credit. In 1980, she moved to Nice, France, where she painted and taught.   Upon her return to the States in 1982, she was accepted into many national exhibitions. She became a signature member of the Southern Watercolor Society, and juried into the Mississippi National, Oklahoma National and Knickerbocker Artists Association in New York City. She served as a Board Member of the N.C. Watercolor Society as Vice-President, Corresponding Secretary. A prolific artist, she was collected widely; Wachovia Bank has 200 of her pieces.

In 1991, she joined SAS; the largest privately owned software company in the world, as their Artist-in-Residence. During her career at SAS, she commissioned 51 pieces of large-scale sculpture, and bought and coordinated the collection that now boasts 3,500 pieces. SAS has 400 pieces of her work. In 1996, she helped the Town of Cary initiate their own art acquisition program. She wrote the first bylaws for Cary Visual Art and served as Discovery Committee Chairman in 1999 and 2000. During this period, Cary acquired 15 pieces of large-scale sculpture. Today, Holly still serves on the Discovery Committee for Cary and helps them brainstorm many projects. Several more placements are due before the end of 2002. In addition to her position at SAS Institute, Inc., she serves on the Board of Artspace in Raleigh, NC and on the N.C. Public Art Collection Management Committee that oversees the states 80-piece collection. A creative and diverse artist in her own right, she has worked with many artists across the nation and brings a working knowledge of how to make art happen for her company and the community.


Anne Van Blarcom Kurowski's artistic search has produced one of North Carolina's critically recognized artists. Her fascination with people, enviroments, and objects has been expressed with stunning success in oil, acrylic, watercolor, and pastel.

In juried exhibitions over the past 15 years, Anne's work has won acceptance and awards in some of the most prestigious exhibitions in America., including Allied Artists, Midwest Watercolor Society, Catharine Lorillard Wolfe, American Artist Professional League, Philadelphia Watercolor Society, Adirondacks National and the Pittsburgh Watercolor Society. This has given her the opportunity to show work at places such as the Newark Museum, the Ellarslie Museum in Trenton, the Monmouth Museum, Pittsburgh Center for the Arts, and the Westbeth Gallery and The National Art Club in New York City, and many corporate galleries.

Anne says " I paint subjects which silently speak to my attention. My aesthetic concern is to translate the appearance of my subjects through my senses and emotions to make contact with the feelings and perceptions of the viewer. I like to see the quality and energy of paint co-exist with a realistic image.


A native of Greensboro, North Carolina, Fran LaFontaine earned her bachelor of Fine arts degree from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro, where she studied under Gregory Ivy and John Opper.  Other nationally recognized mentors are Charles Reid, Polly Hammett, Katherine Lu, Alex Powers and Tom Lynch, An avid traveler, she has also studied under Geoffrey Humphries in Venice, Italy.  Over the years, Fran has worked as a television artist for UNC Television, taught elementary and high school art classes as well as adult art education.  She has exhibited across North Carolina winning numerous honors and awards in juried shows.  Her purchased paintings are hanging in Arizona, California, Ohio, Florida, North Carolina, Washington D.C. and Italy.


John Long is well versed in two very different styles of Italian glassblowing. He does lampworking, which is also known as torch-working. This style of glassblowing involves a torch on a bench top, and the glass starts out at room temperature and is heated up to working temperatures in the flame of the torch. The other style of glassblowing that John Long does is called offhand glassblowing or furnace-work. In this style of glassblowing, the glass is gathered from a tank of molten glass (the furnace) on the end of a blowpipe or a puntil (pronounced punty) rod. Then it is manipulated by hand and gravity, and reheated in the glory-hole (a large, round, trashcan sized hole of fire exceeding 2300 degrees), until the piece is completed. John feels it is essential for his art that he embrace both styles of glassblowing, in order to be able to convey and express the ideas he has about art glass.

John was born in Brazil; he spent his youth in Albuquerque, New Mexico, which is where he started blowing glass. John moved to San Diego in 1999 and has been involved in the Southern California glass scene ever since. He is an affiliated artist with Garry Cohen Studios and the Art Glass Association of Southern California. John was recently a featured artist on HGTV's network "Crafters Coast to Coast." John possesses a natural knack for design, a passion for working with hot glass, and an obsession with form and function. These qualities are evident in his glass art.


"My watercolors represent over 15 years of living in exotic, colorful cultures and climates", states Claire, originally from Dorset, England. 

Through her extensive studies and travels, Claire has emerged with unique compositions, which exude vibrant, tropical shapes and startling colors.  Claire's artwork is represented in private collections throughout the U.S. (from Washington State to Washington, D.C. and other countries such as, Australia, Denmark, England, Saudi Arabia and the Sultanate of Oman.  Claire studied at the Oceanside Museum Shcool of Art in San Diego, CA.  She now lives in Wilmington, N.C. 


Shane Mickey grew up in the Eastern Panhandle of West Virginia, in a small town atmosphere with his five brothers and sisters. His parents worked with their hands and encouraged their kids to become educated so they wouldn't have to do manual labor. Seven years of college and Shane has ended up WORKING WITH HIS HANDS.

Shane is currently a studio potter living in the western North Carolina mountains. Shane and his wife chose to move to Bakersville because of its rich community of artists and the natural beauty of the land.

After finishing undergraduate studies at Frostburg State University in Maryland, Lisa and Shane packed up all their belongings, their two dogs, and headed for the Oregon coast. One year later, Shane entered graduate school at the University of Tennessee, In 2000, he finished his MFA and taught for two semesters at Maryville College in Maryville Tennessee. Shane left academia in 2001 to focus full time on his art.


Terence was born in Birmingham in 1942. He studied painting at the College of Art before moving to Manchester to attend a printmaking course. Since then Terence has taught the multiple plate intaglio method of etching at many art colleges around England.

He has a long established reputation as an accomplished painter and etcher and has regularly published by CCA Galleries since the mid Seventies. His paintings and prints have been regularly exhibited across the U.K. and overseas. His work is also included in public and private collections worldwide, natably the arts council of Great Britain, Tate gallery, London and the Victoria and Albert Museum, London.

"I began experimenting with color etching during the seventies and was impressed by the strength of color and the tonal range that could be achieved. This was made possible by the depth of the etched plate and the amount of ink transferred. I started with two plates and gradually progressed to four. Each color plate is conceived individually, so it is impossible to predict the outcome when the four plates come together."

Terence favored subject matters are landscapes and still life. His work often follows a theme - one subject can hold so many different images for him that he will often create a series of paintings and prints from the same still-life arrangement. Although working in the European still-life tradition. Terence does not set about imposing his specific artistic style upon his subjects. Each object has it's own innate character and his skill is in identifying and expressing it, independently. The result as always, is a highly individual and jewel like image.


Jennifer O'Connor is a young, thriving artist. She has a good sense of fashion and a natural talent for design. A local artist here in San Diego, she moved here from New York in 1998.  Jennifer comes from an artistic family and has been immersed in art since her childhood. She discovered the art of glass blowing in 2000 and she has flourished ever since. She is an affiliated artist with Garry Cohen Studios, a member of the Art Glass Association of Southern California, and she was recently a featured for HGTV's new series called "Crafters Coast to Coast." Jennifer has always been inspired by the beauty of nature and is fascinated with the fluidity of glass.

Jennifer primarily works with borosilicate crystal, and manipulates her glass utilizing the ancient Italian method of lampworking. Jennifer has a passion for making glass jewelry and accessories. So naturally she specializes in glass bracelets, necklaces, earrings, and matching sets of all three. She also specializes in sculptures and small lamp-worked vessels.


Gail Thomas Peacock, a native of Tennessee, the Volunteer state, often volunteers her time to advance the arts and culture.  Gail graduated from Nashville's Vanderbilt University with a BA in Fine Arts and from Peabody College with a MA.  She taught art in Charlotte, NC at the high school and college levels.

Gail expresses herself in oil and watercolor, but is passionate about pastel.  It is a medium that allows her to lay down vibrant, energetic colors, rendered spontaneously.  The intense colors bring a dimension and depth to marsh and garden scenes.  She paints the gardens, creeks and marshes of the Carolina coasts with the attendant water birds, cypress trees and Spanish Moss.  Gail divides her time between Wrightsville Beach and Charlotte, where she and her husband Ed, have homes.


Orginally a native of Columbia, MD, I moved to North Carolina in 1991. My first ten years were spent as a designer/art director/pre-press manager, at a Triangle-area printing company. I started my own graphic design company, The Vision Vault, Inc., in January, 2001. I've has been doing commercial illustration since 1980, primarily in the sports entertainment field (Carolina Hurricanes, Durham Bulls, Baltimore Orioles, Washington Diplomats, etc.). I started oil painting in the summer of 2004 and have also been working on a children's book.

My inspiration for my oil paintings comes from a fascination of cinema and the people that inhabit them. Film noir, expressionist films and absurdist comedies, form the basis of the character-driven paintings. My ultimate goal is to pique the interest of the viewer in the character's situation. My models are either live models, images from old magazines, staged photographs, or a mix of all. Main tools include a variety of pallet knives, Grumbacher/Winsor & Newton oils, Liquitex Acrylics and Lowe-Cornel brushes. Completed paintings are coated with gloss varnish and a simple frame is utilized (gallery-style canvas is left unframed)


"I love it when I'm drawn to a particular artist's work. It dosen't seem to matter what my feelings are about it, quiet, happy, sad, warm, cold, angry, exuberant, sensual, quizzical...that I'm drawn to get closer to it, to explore it, is a great fascination and curiosity to me. It is as if an artist has been looking at the world through my very eyes, it is like a mirror of myself." says Kim Robertson.

Kim Robertson has been given the gift of a lustiness for life, seeing the world in a rich and textured way, even in the quietest of places. I hope if you have visited the gallery, that you have found a special connection with my work. If not, I hope you find it with another artist today. Therein lies an intimacy unlike any other experience I know....I believe this is the gift and magic of art....


Donna Robertson began her career in Kansas City in 1979, where she was an active member in the Greater Kansas City Art Association and received numerous awards and purchased prizes in regional and local shows.

She moved to North Carolina in 1989 and, with her daughter, owned a gallery in historic Wilmington. She has had work accepted each year in the Spring Show for the Azalea Festival in Wilmington and is a member of the Wilmington Art Association and the Dare County Art Association.

Donna now works out of her studio at home and has expanded her work from realism to colorful abstracts, collages, oils, pastels, and inks. She also enjoys painting children at the beach. Her focus is on "Color" and "Light".


Displaying a natural gift for art, Dianne has made painting her way of life. Working in series, she captures the spirit of nature on paper and canvas with watercolor, acrylic, pastel, oil stick and traditional oils. In 1997 she first began her Chamber Dreams Papered Lantern series, collaging her rice paper paintings to clear glass vessels, now collected worldwide. 2001 saw her first electric Japanese rice paper lanterns. 2002 marked the beginning of her sculptures and paintings in encaustic

A North Carolina native, Dianne studied art at the College of Great Falls in Great Falls, Montana, home for ten years of her career. In 1974 she began exhibiting in national juried competitions. By the late 70's her paintings had joined private, government and corporate collections throughout North America and abroad. In 1980 her internationally awarded and published works first became available as limited edition fine art reproductions.

The artist's travels have taken her to Monet's home and gardens in Giverny, France and on to Provence where she followed the footsteps of Van Gogh. Among the artist's awards are two National Grumbacher Awards and Artprint Magazine's National Publication Award. Raleigh City Market gallery directors and executives selected Rodwell's painting to become the 1994 Moore Square Art District poster. IBM executives chose Dianne to create the 1994 United Way campaign poster. Her oil on canvas depiction of Alltel Pavilion, Full House, graces the cover of the official 1996 Raleigh Visitors Guide. The original has joined the permanent collection of the Greater Raleigh Convention and Visitors Bureau. Rodwell's Raleigh skyline Wish You Were Here! and Blake Street Boogie appear as full color coversfor the 97-98 and 2000-2001 Wake County bar association directories.


Loraine Scalamoni is an artist located in Wilmington, N.C.,known primarily for her figurative work.  She is a versatile artist versed in many mediums. With a background stemming from the fashion district in NYC in mind, she has also created a fun series of sassy wormen called "le caberet".  She is one of the area's "boudoir" artists', creating tasteful portraits in private in whatever form of dress or un-dress the client chooses.  Her "Pink Ladies" series is dedicated to the journey of her own, and others, dealing with the cancer experience.


When I began to make necklaces I just used clay and glazes. Then I tried melted glass and mica, which I found fired to a bright gold. Now I wrap them in brass, copper, silver and rusted wire, and include fossils, gemstones, sea glass, shells and anything else that I come across. Broochs, bracelets and earrings come next.

I love working with these materials, and am always finding something new to try.

I do get some help from my two cats.


Bio coming soon...........................


Leanne was born and raised in the Boston area.  She specializes in handcrafted jewelry that reflects a unique interpretation of the materials and artistc versatility. A variety of techniques and materials are used in her work. Some design elements are age-old artisan art forms, such as Viking knitting, bezeling, wire wrapping and chain maille.  These techniques are hand-woven from sterling silver(.925) or fine silver (.999) These art forms are complex and difficult to master, and result in pieces that are intricately beautiful, unique and one of a kind.

Leanne has studied with several gifted jewelry designers: Lisa Claxton, Kriss Silva, Jeannette Cook and Natalie Cohen.


Jann Tayloe is a North Carolina native, born in the foothills.  She relocated to the coast in 1990, and has called it home ever since.  Alhough creative pursuits have been a lifelong interest for her, it was not until several years ago, at the urging of her sister, that she began painting seriously.

Jann has a degree in Media Advertising from Appalachian State University, where she completed art training in conjunction with her major,but she is primarily self-taught.  Most of her work is done in acrylic, but she also enjoys working with gouache.                                                          

After residing in Wilmington for fourteen years, Jann and her husband relocated to the Topsail Island area.  She finds the small coastal community atmosphere provides abundant inspiration and renewal for her creativity. 


Nancy is a painter from Raleigh, NC, who is achieving national recognition for her expressive paintings of still life, floral, and coastal subjects.

Nancy's statement " The rural background of my youth continues today through the garden beds and the flowers I grow in my home therefore is a significant part of who I am and of the paintings I do. That tie I suspect will always be there although my life has taken many interesting turns as reflected in the paintings of water from the eastern coastal regions the US or of images from travels abroad. Because of the time involved in the painting process, my thoughts often become involved in the poetry of the image as it develops. By the time the painting is finished, it becomes representative of what's happening in my life or in my thinking"

Nancy is a member of the National Watercolor Society, the Rocky Mountain National Watermedia Society, and the Watercolor Society of North Carolina.

Her collections can be found at the Hickory Museum of Art, Wachovia Bank and Trust, Duke University, Rocky Mount City Hall, Becton-Dickerson, GE Mortgage, RJR Tobacco Company, Elon College, City of Winston Salem, Raychem, and at the McDonald's Corporation.


Nia began her work with Dichroic glass while living in Santa Barbara, California.  She was juried into the famous "Art Walk on the Beach" during this time. Since then she has begun to offer her designs to the public in festivals, art shows and a few select galleries around the southeast.

She has always been very active in experiencing the beauties of the earth through exploring crystal filled caves and diving magical coral reefs. These awe inspiring visions are the basis for both the colors and depth of each piece.


Kristin Van Wynen's photographic training includes Parson's School of Design, Silvermine College of Art, Rochester Institute of Technology and the NY Institute of Photography. She is a member of the Sierra CLub, Nature Conservancy and the National Audubon Society.

Kristin's award winning photographs are intended to relax the viewer and create a calmness, a quiet space, a kind of still point that allows people freedom to just be. God's beauty and bounty is all around if it can only be noticed.

Kristin has lived in Wilmington for over 21 years. She loves and is inspired by the outdoors - from the seashore to the mountains. She likes kayaking in the tidal creeks and hiking and exploring. She also enjoys art museums and doing fiber arts, drawing, painting and beading.

Kristin's images primarily reflect the southeast. You may recognize the views of Wrightsville Beach, N.C., Pleasure Island, N.C., local gardens and even the North Carolina state flower ( the Dogwood ) and many more shore birds such as Cormorants, carious Egrets, Brown Pelicans, Mallard Ducks, the Hooded Merganser, the Laughing Gull, and other Seagulls.


A founding member of the Portrait Society of America, Luana Luconi Winner was schooled in Rome, Florence, Switzerland, and the USA, and currently resides in North Carolina. A popular portrait artist, Luana's portraits and murals hang in corporations, universities, and residences on both sides of the ocean. Luana is a stimulating workshop teacher stateside and abroad. her next international workshop will be in Northern Italy's the lake region and Venice.

A popular speaker, Luana spoke at the Portrait Society of America International Conference in Washington, D.C. in April 2003, and  demonstrated at the International Association of Pastel Societies Convention in Albuquerque, New Mexico in May 2003. In December 2003, Mrs. Winner participated in the Fourth Edition of the Biennale Internazionale dell'Arte Contemporanea ( International Biennial of Contemporary Art), an invitational exhibition in Florence, Italy.

Her sold out portrait workshops at art councils and art centers in the east and at the annual Jerry's Art of the Carolina demystifies the study of the topography of the face. Luana's workbooks on The Pastel Pyramid, about the medium of pastel, and Great Faces! about painting people have been very popular with the up and coming artists new to the business of art.

In Spring 2004, she was panel leader and moderator for the Business and Professional Women's program on "Empowering Women in the Arts," juried the Azalea Festival Fine Arts Division in Wilmington, NC, and did pastel demonstrations at the trade show and was part of a portfolio review panel for the Portrait Society of America International Conference in Boston, MA, and demonstrated pastel portraits at the conference trade show, as well.

In 2005, Luana will continue her work as North Carolina Ambassador for the Portrait Society of America. Her demonstrations, workshops, and appearances again include: Pasadena, California; Boone, North Carolina; Sante Fe, New Mexico; Atlanta, Georgia; and this spring at the Portrait Society of America's International Conference, Washington, DC.


Born in Shirae, Iran in 1970, Helen Zarin can remember beginning to paint at the early age of five. Showing talent, her infulential family encouraged her to invest in her artistic endeavors.

As a high school student, she studied with the well known Persian artist and teacher, Saber. Later she enrolled in the Art and Culture Society, a national organization for gifted Persian Artists. As a student of Art and Culture, she refined her skills in the various mediums, especially pastels and oils. Helen was recognized by the Iranian Society as a "God Gifted Talented Artist" and earned many national awards for her works.

In addition to her art, Helen also competed as a track and field athlete in numerous events during the 1980's capturing eleven medals.

Conditions in her native country eventually compelled Helen to turn elsewhere for creative nourishment. "Hard work and God given talent are not enough for an artist to progress and blossom, creative freedom in the right atmosphere is essential," she remarked. In the pursuit of these artistic prerequisites, she journeyed first to Europe where she displayed her works in Vienna before coming to the United States in 1993. She has continued her education first in New York and currently in Baltimore, MD where she resides.